Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience Museum and Ropes Course

An animatronic dinosaur roars at guests passing by on the Wild Walk pathWhether you are interested in urban activities like the U.S. Olympic Museum or natural wonders such as Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO, is a really cool place to visit. Even better, Colorado Springs is just a short 90-minute drive from Denver International Airport (DIA). 

The foothills to the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver and Colorado Springs are famous for their fossil deposits. Paleontologists have been coming to Colorado towns like Morrison and Canon City to hunt for dinosaur bones for well over a hundred years. In the late 1870’s the Bone Wars ensued during a time when fossil hunting was very competitive and intense – this period of time was also known as the Great Dinosaur Rush.

Located just east of Colorado Springs, the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience is an entertaining experience for the whole family. The museum has adventure rides, educational exhibits, and kids’ activities.

What is the Dinosaur Experience and Ropes Course?

Wide view of the Ropes CourseThe Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience museum is dedicated to the rich fossil history of Colorado. Located near the famous Royal Gorge Bridge, the museum is an easy stop for any family already visiting the area. According to the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience website, their “16,200 square-foot building houses a world-class collection of interactive displays, full-scale dinosaur fossil casts, real dinosaur fossils, entertaining guided tours of our exhibit halls, and our outdoor skinned animatronic dinosaur exhibits.”

The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience museum features one of the top Colorado Springs high rope courses. On the ropes course, guests walk along high beams that run among life-sized dinosaur statues. Don’t worry, guests are safely held in place safely the entire time with harnesses. Many parts of the ropes courses also include handrails.

How Much Does the Museum and Ropes Course Cost?

A young guest balances on the ropes course above an animatronic Tyrannosaurus RexThe Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience has multiple entry fee options for your family’s visit to the Colorado Springs region. That being said, you can opt to buy an all-inclusive ticket and soak in everything that the museum has to offer. Otherwise, you can purchase an ala-carte ticket if you only want to experience a single attraction – such as the ropes course, the museum tour, or the Wild Walk where the animatronic dinosaurs dwell. 

Entry fees for the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience are as follows:

  • Full Dinosaur Experience Ticket: $38.95 for adults / $28.95 for children
  • Single Experience Ticket: $14 for adults / $11 for children

If you aren’t exactly sure what you will be doing at the museum, that’s ok too! You can always ask about the recommended activities when you arrive.

What are the Best Exhibits at the Dinosaur Museum?

No matter your age or interests, you will surely find something fun to do at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience. Key attractions at the museum include: 

  • Dinosaur Wild Walk
  • Museum Tour
  • Paleo Lab 
  • Kids’ Exhibit 
  • Theater
  • Kids’ Dig 

If education is your thing, be sure to check out the Paleo Lab and Museum Tour. Each exhibit offers an inside glimpse into a real dinosaur dig! If the young ones are interested in getting in on the action, they can get their hands dirty at the Kids’ Dig or soak in dino knowledge at the Kid’s Exhibit

If your family is thinking about doing the ropes course, be sure your kids are at least 42 inches tall and accompanied by an adult. Also, plan on giving yourself at least an hour to complete this amazing ropes course in Colorado Springs.

A dinosaur skull cast in the museum
Dinosaur Experience museum entrance

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