Best Things to Bring on a Glamping Trip

While glamping is all about comfort, there are certain things you can bring on a trip to further enhance your experience. Whether it be your favorite snack food or something practical like a headlamp, these thoughtful additions can make a huge difference when glamping in Colorado

You can trust that a luxury campground operator like Royal Gorge Cabins will provide you with all the deluxe amenities you need. Nonetheless, glamping is still considered camping, so you should bring the appropriate items to maximize safety, fun, and comfort.

What are the Must-Have Items for a Glamping Packing List?

Over the years, Royal Gorge Cabins has compiled a list of the most important items to remember for your glamping packing list. Here’s what to bring on a glamping trip if you plan to visit the Royal Gorge area.

A Basic Glamping Trip Packing Checklist

Proper Clothing

Camping in luxury at Royal Gorge Cabins near Canon CityEspecially in mountain environments with huge temperature swings, proper clothing can make all the difference on your trip to Colorado. Packing the right glamping accessories will ensure you are comfortable at all times – including both day and night. 

While the glamping tents at Royal Gorge Cabins include evaporative coolers to keep it comfortable during the daytime, evenings can get chilly. A nice sweatshirt or jacket will keep you warm while sitting by the fire or stargazing when the sun starts to go down.

Entertainment for Downtime

Especially if your glamping trip lasts for a few days or longer, having some entertainment for downtime is a great idea. While the goal is to be outside doing activities like hiking and fishing, it is also important to recharge at the end of the day. 

Since Royal Gorge Cabins doesn’t include TVs in our glamping tents, we recommend that you add a book or tablet to your glamping packing list. If you are traveling with a family or large group, cards and board games are fun options for nighttime activities!


Food and Utensils

campfire cookingPlanning ahead for food and beverage options is a great way to ensure a smooth glamping trip. Since glamping tents don’t typically have full kitchens, plan on bringing meals that are easy to prepare, such as sandwiches, salads, bagels, and snacks. It’s also a good idea to add a cooler to your glamping gear checklist so you have your favorite food and favorite beverages on hand. 

If you prefer cooking, Royal Gorge Cabins has a grill and fire pit where you can prepare tasty camping meals. Due to limited cookware, we advise cooking simple foods on the grill like brats and hamburgers. After that, all you need are buns and some condiments to make the perfect
family glamping dinner!

Headlamp or Flashlight

headlampIt’s important to remember that glamping is still camping. Most campgrounds want to maintain a pristine outdoor experience, including cutting down on light pollution so you can see the stars. As such, adding a headlamp or flashlight to your glamping gear checklist is smart for safety reasons. 

Most glamping tents don’t include bathrooms, so you will need to walk to the bathhouse during the day and night. Remembering to pack a simple light can make all the difference in navigating around the facility after dark.

Water Bottle

water bottle, sunscreen, and sunglassesA nice reusable water bottle is an essential item for most outdoor adventures. If you are already planning on bringing a water bottle for outdoor pursuits, you can check it off your list of luxury camping essentials. 

Many facilities don’t include running water in their glamping tents. In order to stay hydrated and feel your best on your Colorado vacation, you should pack a water bottle for each person in your group.

Bug Spray

woman applying bug spray to her legsBug spray is another essential item for any glamping trip. While Colorado has a dry climate, there are certain times of the year when mosquitos can be an issue. Especially in the early summer months, a small can of bug spray can make all the difference so nothing interrupts your outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

Planning a trip later in the summer is a good way to avoid mosquitos. If you visit Colorado in May or June, bug spray should be considered one of your luxury camping essentials.

Go Glamping with Royal Gorge Cabins!

Ready to elevate your camping experience with glamping? Royal Gorge Cabins offers high-quality glamping tents minutes from some of the most popular destinations in Colorado. Reserve a glamping tent with us today and indulge in the perfect blend of luxury and nature.

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