Horseback Riding: Academy Riding Stables Colorado Springs

horseback riding near Garden of the GodsThe Rocky Mountains of Colorado are expansive. Even though highways and jeep roads cut through many of the most remote regions of the state, certain areas still can’t be accessed with your car. Whether it be due to conservation measures or just plain ruggedness, foot travel and horseback riding are the only ways to see some of the best backcountry in Colorado. 

Academy Riding Stables in Colorado Springs, CO offers guided horseback rides through the world-famous Garden of the Gods. This incredible park allows your whole family to experience the splendor of the Colorado mountains within just a short 90-minute drive of Denver.

A horseback riding trip in Garden of the Gods is the perfect complement to a glamping vacation at Royal Gorge Cabins. The drive time from our cabins to Garden of the Gods is right around one hour.

Where Can I Go Horseback Riding in Colorado?

Trail horses drinking waterFrom small community parks in the Denver region to massive wilderness areas in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado has no shortage of great horseback riding options. In fact, horseback riding allows you to experience Colorado in the same way as the early explorers. 

Some of the best places to go horseback riding in Colorado include: 

One of the coolest things about exploring Colorado on horseback is the fact that you can go to places that don’t allow motorized vehicles. In fact, you cannot ride mountain bikes, ATVs, or UTVs in Rocky Mountain National Park or any of the wilderness areas in Colorado.

Garden of the Gods horseback riding

Academy Riding Stables Colorado Springs

When you stay with Royal Gorge Cabins, you can enjoy an incredible horseback ride through Garden of the Gods with Academy Riding Stables just one hour away. No matter what your experience with horseback riding, their professional wranglers will provide a safe, educational, and fun time in Garden of the Gods. During your horseback ride, your whole family will learn about the unique history and geology of the park. 

If you didn’t know already, Garden of the Gods is a “designated National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs.” The park is famous for its massive red rock formations that jut out of the earth in shapes akin to shark fins. People flock to Garden of the Gods for hiking, running, rock climbing, and horseback riding.

What Type of Experience Do I Need to Go Horseback Riding?

on the trail at Academy Riding StablesAcademy Riding Stables has a number of different trip options designed for various skill levels. At the most basic level, they offer pony rides for young kids. Beyond this simple option, they offer one-hour and two-hour rides in the Garden of the Gods. 

One-Hour Garden of the Gods Ride

The one-hour trip is the perfect choice for people new to horseback riding. Please note, children must be 8 years of age and accompanied by an adult to take part in the one-hour ride. There is also a minimum height requirement of 4 feet. 

Two-Hour Garden of the Gods Ride

The two-hour Garden of the Gods ride is for intermediate and advanced riders who want a more immersive experience in the park. Kids have to be at least 11 years old for this trip and accompanied by an adult. 

What Should I Pack to Go Horseback Riding?

mountain views while riding with Academy Riding StablesExactly what you need to bring on a horseback riding trip varies with the length of the outing. While many people go on multi-day camping trips while horseback riding in Colorado, you only need to prepare for a day trip with Academy Riding Stables. 

Things to bring on a horseback riding trip in Garden of the Gods include:

  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket
  • Jeans
  • Clothing layers 
  • Comfortable shoes

It’s also advisable to check in with your wrangler a day or two before your trip for the latest weather updates.

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