A Guide to the Seven Falls in Colorado Springs

Seven Falls distant view
Photo Credit: Pikes Peak Region Attractions

Seven Falls is a must-visit if you are traveling through the Colorado Springs area. 

At the Seven Falls Park, South Cheyenne Creek runs through a steep box canyon with walls over 1,000 feet high. As the creek makes its way from the Rocky Mountains into Colorado Springs, it drops through seven incredible waterfalls. 

Seven Falls Park is privately owned by The Broadmoor, which is one of the top resort destinations in Colorado’s Front Range. Because of this fact, the park is also referred to as “The Broadmoor Seven Falls.” 

Seven Falls has been an important tourist destination in Colorado Springs since the late 19th-century.

What Is There to Do in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs, CO has something for everyone.

If you are an athlete or a sports fan, be sure to check out the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. You might even catch one of your favorite Olympians on the way to a workout. For a more historical view, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum also makes for a great visit. 

The U.S. military has a strong presence in Colorado Springs. According to the Visit Colorado Springs website, the area has “five military institutions,” which include “United States Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Stations, Fort Carson Army Post, Peterson Airforce Base and Schriever Air Force Base.” There are also a number of military museums in the region.

Another great resource to learn about the wide array of attractions and activities in the Colorado Springs area is Pikes Peak Region Attractions.

view of South Fountain Creek at Seven Falls

Where is Seven Falls Located?

Seven Falls Park is located just to the west of Colorado Springs near The Broadmoor Resort. In the area, the South Cheyenne Creek has carved a steep box canyon into massive walls of rock. 

Broadmoor Seven Falls has its own parking area located at 1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd. Once parked, you will have to walk a short distance to view the falls. 

People enjoy visiting the park because it offers a mountain experience while not being too far from Colorado Springs.

What Type of Activities Can I Do at Seven Falls?

Due to its natural beauty, Seven Falls in Colorado Springs “is the only waterfall in Colorado to make National Geographic’s list of international waterfalls.” This incredible park has a variety of activities, from hiking its famous staircases to shopping at gift stores. 

Adults should expect an admissions fee of $16, while children, seniors, and the military will pay a bit less.


Staircases at Seven Falls
Photo Credit: Pikes Peak Region Attractions

Seven Falls has two noteworthy hiking trails. The Trail to Inspiration Point and Trail to Midnight Falls combined offer about 2 miles of total hiking. Importantly, these trails get you into the box canyon where you can investigate historical exhibits and look down on Colorado Springs. 

Please note, the hiking trails at Seven Falls are not open during the winter months.

Dining & Shopping

Tourists Sitting On Chair At Seven Falls In Colorado Springs
Photo Credit: Pikes Peak Region Attractions

There are dining and shopping options available directly within Seven Falls Park. 

Zip Lining

woman preparing to ziplineA short drive from Seven Falls you’ll find heart-pumping excitement on the ziplines of Adventures Out West. You’ll soar across canyons with incredible views along the way of famous Pikes Peak Mountain as a backdrop.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Seven Falls?

Tourist taking photo at Seven Falls
Photo Credit: Pikes Peak Region Attractions

Depending on your interests, the seven falls are great to visit any time of year. 

During fall you can enjoy the summer weather at Seven Falls without the usual crowds of the busy months. 

Wintertime is the quietest season to visit Seven Falls, although hours of operation are restricted to Friday through Sunday for a portion of the winter months. If you happen to be in Colorado this time of year, you will have the place largely to yourself. 

Because of snowmelt, the spring months bring the most water to South Cheyenne Creek. As such, the springtime is when you can see the waterfalls at their mightiest. 

Summer is always a great time to visit Colorado Springs. Not only are the wildflowers in bloom, but all of the local tourist attractions are open.

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