Why Renting a Cabin is a Great Way to Spend your Family Vacation

Are you planning a family mountain vacation this summer? Rather than lug around tents and sleep on the ground, why not rent a mountain cabin this summer? 


Renting a cabin with your family is a great way to enjoy the mountains while still allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep with all of the amenities that you need.

Cabins Are Great for the Whole Family

Are your kids outdoorsy, wanting to spend all of their time climbing trees and becoming mysteriously covered from head-to-toe with dirt? Or do they prefer to spend their days with air conditioning and screen time, far from the creepy crawlies that you find outdoors. Better yet, do you have one from column A and another from column B, making getaway planning a creative endeavor? 

And what about you and your partner? Do you both enjoy the same types of vacations, or is one of you an outdoor fanatic and the other more akin to luxury? What makes mountain cabin rentals so appealing is that they are a great compromise, offering a little bit of everything. The kids still get the benefits of the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of your cabin. Here are our top eight reasons why a cozy cabin getaway is a great summertime vacation idea.

1. Cabins Allow Outdoor Exploration

Whether you’re into whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, boating, or fishing, cabins put you right in the middle of exciting outdoor adventures. Some of these can even be located directly out of your mountain rental’s front door!

2. Cabins Are Surrounded by Nature

Waking up in the morning and walking out onto your own private front porch where you breath in crisp mountain air and hear songbirds singing love songs to one another is one of the perks of staying in a mountain cabin. You might even be lucky enough to spot a family of elk or deer grazing early in the morning.

3. Cabins Don’t Require Much Prep

When you opt for a cabin over a campsite, you don’t need to spend nearly as much time prepping and packing your car. Plus, if you have a large family, it can be tough to fit everything you need for a camping trip into your van or SUV. Cabins provide you with beds, showers and toiletries, kitchens, and more, taking a lot of the responsibility off of your shoulders.

4. Cabins Protect You From Inclement Weather

I might be a lover of camping, but that doesn’t mean that I love when it downpours or hails as I take cover in a small shelter made out of thin cloth. Unlike tents, cabins can protect you from wind, rain, and even temperature extremes. When it’s hot or cold, you can find comfort in a mountain cabin rental.

5. Cabins Allow for Separate Sleeping Quarters

Most of us have separate rooms from our kids at home, and even some of the kids might have their own space. Family cabin rentals tend to have multiple rooms, allowing you to get a good night’s rest while your kids have fun in their own rooms. Plus, it can be nice to have some one-on-one time with your partner at the end of a night exploring nature.

6. Cabins Can Provide WiFi and Screens

Some mountain cabins will have televisions, WiFi, and ample outlets, allowing you and your family to stay connected or wind down with a family movie. While it can be nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to fully disconnect. If you need to stay in touch with work or your extended family when you’re out of town, you can do so in some cabins.

7. Cabins Can Come with Ready-to-Go Fireplaces or Fire Pits

Who doesn’t enjoy cuddling up in front of a fire or roasting smores on an open flame as they spend time with their family unwinding from the day? While few hotels offer fireplaces or fire pits, and some campsites ban fires when there hasn’t been much rain, cabins often come with fireplaces that you can enjoy as you relax at the end of the day.

8. Cabins Are Located in Beautiful Areas

When most of us envision a cabin, we think of a wooded forest or panoramic mountain views. This is because the majority of cabins are located in beautiful areas. You can explore some of the best spots in Colorado, including pristine nature or world-class ski resorts, while staying in a cabin.

Finding Your Perfect Family Cabin

Colorado boasts countless cabin options for your family vacation spread across our beautiful state. First, decide what you’re looking for in your vacation. Do you want to visit certain landmarks, explore the downtown of a ski village, or spend your days splashing down rivers or biking along invigorating paths? Decide what you want to do, find the best spots to do it, and then find highly rated cabins in the area to plan your ideal luxury family escape.

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Ben Sack

Ben Sack is the General Manager of Echo Canyon River Expeditions and Royal Gorge Cabins. He's also a raft guide, photographer, and he loves exploring Colorado and beyond with his wife and two boys.

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